Sichuan Technical Exchange Center

Sichuan Technical Exchange Center (STEC) is a legal entity under the direct control of the Science and Technology Department of Sichuan Province. STEC was established in 1983, in 2002 was entitled Sichuan Science and Technology popularization Center. STEC is also the affiliation organization of Sichuan Association of International Science and Technology Cooperation, Sichuan Industrial Design Promotion Center (Preparatory) and Association of production, Studies and Research Promotion. The major tasks are: in name of semi-official or semi-public organization, to organize and coordinate scientific and technological corporation, talents training, popularization of science and technology, scientific and technology exhibition, innovative design, international technology transfer and administration of innovative fund project.
There are over 30 works at STEC. Among administrators and professionals, undergraduate and post-graduates account for 80%, senior professionals 30% and medium professionals 40%.