President Xie Heping Attends US-China University Presidents Roundtable

Invited by Prof. Robert J. Zimmer, President of the University of Chicago, President Xie Heping attended “US-China University Presidents Roundtable” held at the University of Chicago on November 18 and gave a speech on the relationship between contemporary universities and the government.
Chinese Vice-Premier Liu Yandong attended the US-China University Presidents Roundtable and delivered a keynote speech. She pointed out that China-US relations stand at an important historic juncture of building on the past and preparing for the future and cooperation and exchanges between universities have built a bridge of friendship between our two countries and become of the most closely-related and effective areas in our people-to-people exchanges, playing a unique role in promoting China-US relations. "I am confident that our universities, as long as they treat each other with sincerity and learn from each other, will deliver a better future for all" , Vice-Premier Liu said.
Presidents from 11 American universities and 12 Chinese universities including Duke University, University of Washington, the University of Chicago, Peking University, Fudan University and Sichuan University attended the roundtable co-hosted by the University of Chicago, Rice University and Peking University. University presidents from both US and China had a deep discussion on three topics, namely, the relationship between contemporary universities and the government, the relationship between contemporary universities and society and the internal governance of universities. President Xie made a speech on the first topic, emphasizing that in a new historic era, the relationship between contemporary universities and the government should be examined and redefined from a new perspective in order to adapt to rapid development and changes in socio-economy and science and technology.
During the roundtable, President Xie also exchanged ideas with US university presidents in terms of carrying out all-round cooperation in joint student education, teachers exchange, research cooperation and course construction with American universities.
Later, at the invitation of Chicago Mayor, President Xie participated in the welcome dinner Chicago government hosted for Vice-Premier Liu Yandong.
Time: 2013-12-04   From: SCU